How Does Laser Marking Work?

How does laser marking work?

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Laser marking is used to personalize the design of objects and products: engraving the name of the winner in a sports trophy, pens engraved with the logo of a company, a component marked with its serial number… These are the classic applications of engraving. In fact, with a laser, you can engrave almost any design on different materials.

In this article, we explain everything about how laser engraving works.

Laser marking technique: simpler than printing

In engraving, the material is heated by the laser beam. Depending on the exposure time, the color changes, creating a contrast. The material can also evaporate or burn. Laser engraving is permanent and very resistant to abrasion.

Engraving begins by first creating the engraving layout using a graphics program (Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape, etc.). Then the print driver is used to send the graphic to the laser. At the touch of a button, the chosen material is laser engraved with the saved parameters. In fact, the processing types stored in the printer driver make the job easier by automatically optimizing any graphic operation required.

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The advantages of laser marking :

gravure laser

A wide range of applications for laser marking

A laser beam is a tool that can be used on many materials: wood, glass, fabrics, cardboard, metals, paper, and more.

Contactless processing

In mechanical engraving, the material is fixed firmly, sometimes under vacuum. This takes time and can damage the material. With laser processing, this is no longer necessary because the processing is done without contact. This means that the operation does not produce any shards or dust. All this obviously saves time and money.

Tools do not become worn out

Thanks to the non-contact processing of the material, there is no cost involved for milling and drilling machines.

Unparalleled precision and fine details

Laser technology allows you to produce even the finest patterns with the highest precision. As long as you can draw it, you can always engrave and mark it with a laser.

Cost-effective production

The production of individual parts, small series or large series is cost-effective and economically feasible.

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