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Manufacture of VIN plate for vehicles & ID plate for industry

ID plate for Industrial signage

The industrial plate is used for :

  • The identification of the tangible fixed assets or patrimony of a company such as a machinery, office equipment, tools even for rearranging, some elements in the industry need an identifier like an emergency button or label for dangerous products. Moreover, an industrial nameplate or ID plate is used as a manufacturer plate for machines or vehicles. 
  • Industrial signage that meets standards such as safety standards
  • Customized industrial signs that contain company logo, custom text, etc.

Within SAC Marquage; we have several types of nameplates intended for the companies exerting in all the sectors of activity. We offer various types of nameplates or manufacturer’s plates, namely those made by the technique of marking, silk-screen printing, or laser in indoor or outdoor.

We offer custom industrial marking and signage solutions through plates, signs, labels, customizable badges and much more.


Sac Marquage is composed of a versatile team, recognized by its performance and its know-how. We have a team of experts that is ready to advise you in the choice of the material of your nameplate, the best adapted to your need.

Engraved plates for industrial signage will be valuable assets for your company or organization because they will help you better communicate your message or enforce industrial safety signage rules through hazard signs.

Industrial signage aims to highlight your logo and your identity; in fact, they integrate professionally, the name, the image, and the colors of your company.

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stainless steel nameplate engraved and enameled
Stainless steel manufacturer's plate with engraving and enameling for machine identification
builder's plate
Industrial plate by engraving and enameling
Spray-printed aluminum nameplate
Spray printing on nameplate

VIN plate (Vehicle Identification Numbers) for all brands

Sac Marquage is your partner for the manufacture of VIN plates in Tunisia for any type of vehicle or trailer (car, truck, boat door, bus…) Our nameplates are, indeed, customizable both in color as well as in dimensions but also in the choice of materials to be used.

Whatever the type of VIN plate that you wish to manufacture, our company SAC Marquage is specialized to offer you plates of exceptional quality. We offer our services to individuals looking for original plates or for service providers to carry out orders in series.

manufacturer's plate number car
Car manufacturer's plate
builder's plate anodized printing
Anodic printed nameplate for vehicle identification
VIN plate
VIN plate
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