Safety signs

Safety signs play an important role in the safety of people by installing them in a place where there is a risk. Indeed, it is a simple universal warning everyone can understand, the signs are differentiated according to their shape, color, and category according to the ISO 7010 standard and exist in different materials.

Why our Safety signs?

Our safety signs are standardized and comply with the ISO 7010 standard, robust, and can be fixed on any surface (walls, doors, machines…) inside or outside, and our solution offers panels that will not fade or scratch over time. We also advise you on how to choose the type of material of the pictogram, its dimensions, and how to attach it.

If the standard pictograms do not meet your needs, we can make customized signs.

Warning and hazard signs

They signal important hazards such as explosions to prevent industry accidents. This type of warning, which is easy to understand, ensures the protection of all individuals in an establishment. The danger signs are yellow and triangular.


general danger pictogram

General Danger

To indicate a general warning and must be accompanied by an additional sign

safety pictogram danger inflammable materials

Flammable material

Avoid causing a fire by igniting flammable material

explosive hazard pictogram

Explosive substance

Warning of explosive materials

electrical hazard pictogram

Electrical hazard

Warn of electricity and do not come into contact with electricity

safety pictogram danger slippery surface

Slippery surface

Take care to avoid slipping

vehicle hazard pictogram

Industrial vehicles

Avoid moving vehicles

Prohibition signs

The prohibition pictograms facilitate the circulation and the safety of the people to the establishments and avoid the forbidden gestures by placing a clear sign. These signs have a circular shape with a line and are red.


no-smoking warning pictogram

No smoking

Do not smoke to avoid fire caused by lit cigarettes

general prohibition safety pictogram

General prohibition

To signify a prohibited action and must be accompanied by another sign

flame prohibition warning sign

No open flames allowed

Prohibit all forms of open flame and no smoking

switch position prohibition safety pictogram

Prohibition to change switch position

Do not change the condition of any machine or equipment

no-sitting safety symbol

No sitting

For unsuitable surfaces to sit on

pedestrian prohibition safety pictogram

No pedestrians allowed

Do not use the tracks to avoid collision with machines or vehicles

Mandatory safety signs

Obligation pictograms are used to impose safety rules to reduce the risk of work accidents. These signs are circular and blue.



Ear protection

Ear protection should be worn in noisy environments


Eye protection

To indicate that eye protection should be used to protect against flying objects/particles


Mandatory mask

Wear a mask to protect against airborne particles


Mandatory gloves

Wear protective gloves to avoid injury from objects or touch chemical or thermal materials


Mandatory foot protection

Wear protective footwear to avoid being struck by objects or being exposed to chemical or thermal materials


Safety helmet

Wear a helmet to protect your head

Fire Safety signs

The fire pictograms facilitate the intervention in case of a fire. They are essential in a company because they allow it to intervene in a fast way and in the worst case to limit the damages caused by the fire. These signs are square and red.



Fire extinguisher

Indicate the location of a fire extinguisher


Fire hose reel

Know the location of the fire valve


Fire ladder

Know its location and it is used only for firefighting


Fire alarm call point

Know the location of the fire alarm point


Fire emergency telephone

Indicate the location of a fire emergency phone


Fire protection door

Fire door identification

Safe condition pictogram

The first aid pictograms allow the application of first aid rules in case of an emergency by easily guiding the personnel. These signs are square or rectangular and green.



Emergency exit (left hand)

Identify the location of an escape route to a safe place


First aid

Know the location of first aid equipment, facilities or personnel


Direction arrow

Indicate the location of emergency routes


Evacuation assembly point

Know the assembly point after the evacuation


Emergency telephone

Indicate the location of an emergency telephone


Safety shower

Know the location of a safety shower

See this article for more examples

2- Standard plates

SAC Marquage puts at your disposal a wide range of stainless steel or aluminum plates of predefined dimensions to ensure the speed of our services

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