Laser Etching: Operation And Advantages

Laser etching: operation and advantages

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Laser etching is a modern technique of impression that cannot be ignored for the industrial marking in Tunisia, it makes it possible to personalize with great precision the design of an advertising object which can be a trophy, a pen, a label, or another support. Laser engraving is also used for the traceability and codification of any type of material (metal, plastic, glass, Ceramics, leather…) whose marking remains definitive and indelible.

It is a set of processes that makes the desired decoration, design, text, logo, bar codes, or others visible to the naked eye on the object.

How does this innovative technology work in practice?

Firstly, to carry out a laser engraving, it is necessary to provide a 2D file (made on Photoshop, illustrator, or another creation software) because the engraving does not work with other files as in 3D.

Moreover, the file must contain only one color and if it contains others, it will be automatically converted into black and white to be read by the machine, and then, each black point will be engraved with no exception!

From a practical point of view, laser engraving on metal consists of burning the top layer of the object’s material using very high heat and also with the help of a laser beam to make the desired personalization visible.

Having the same functionality as a printer, the laser attacks the material used by following horizontal lines while moving at the same time towards each line vertically during an engraving.

In other words, the lines are superimposed, so they are not visible to the naked eye.

On the other hand, to obtain a deeper engraving, it is necessary to adjust the speed of the engraving machine. In other words, the engraving process can be varied: the stronger the power, the more times the beam passes over the object, and the deeper the engraving, so the laser will not have enough time to cut the material but instead create an engraving on it!

The advantages of laser etching:

  • Treatment without any direct contact with the material
  • No use of consumables in the process of this technique and especially the absence of chemicals
  • Less risk of damaging or deforming the material used.
  • Permanent, high-precision marking even for the finest details
  • the printing is indelible
  • This technique is extremely versatile and can be used for many purposes (marking on luxury or consumer products, etc.),
  • Very fast marking speed (which can exceed 1,000 characters per second),
  • Laser marking is possible in inaccessible areas
  • laser etching keeps the initial shape of the material, changing only its surface.
  • It has a very luxurious look

To conclude, the real strength of laser engraving lies in the aesthetics brought to the personalization of the promotional product. Indeed, there are several possibilities of personalization

This modern solution brings a “luxurious” look which is not only important for the seduction of your target customer but also allows you to appreciate the beauty of the materials!

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