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Manufacturing of personalized, advertising, industrial, safety (exterior or interior) nameplate 

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photo de couverture sac marquage

Engraving on hardened steel

Screen printing

Customized marking on metal parts

Hardened steel mark

Stainless steel machine identification with engraving and enameling

A blue anodized aluminum identification plate

Printed nameplate

Colored stainless steel nameplate with engraving and enameling

PSV tag stainless steel laser marking

PVC cable marker - traffolyte

TAG INOX laser marking

Stainless steel tag with acrylic paint and laser engraving

Standard stainless steel nameplate

Embossing on stainless steel for cable tag

Cable marker by Embossing on stainless steel

Aluminum builder's plate with screen printing

Engraved pre-painted acrylic stainless steel tag

Manufacturer's plate with anodized printing

Stainless steel plate using laser marking

Aluminum nameplate with screen printing

QR code and barcode on black anodized aluminum

Neutral anodized aluminum engraved and enameled

Black anodized aluminum manufacturer plate

Stainless steel with laser marking for industrial signage

Tare plate

316 stainless steel plate with engraving and enameling

Black anodized aluminum barcode

Advertising nameplate and sign

Printing on glass

2 colors screen printing

Stainless steel and cooper logo plate

Personalized promotional nameplate

Printed aluminum nameplate with cold spray printing

Brand nameplate and sign

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) Engraving

Personalized engraved metal plate

Engraving with enameling

Engraving on stainless steel with Electrical discharge machining

Blue anodized aluminum with QR code

Keychain marking

Office sign

Stainless steel logo plate with nails

Engraving on hardened steel for Deep drawing

Engraving on hardened steel or heat treated steel

Black anodized aluminum logo

Personalized plate - engraving on graphite electrode

Black anodized aluminum with laser marking

Embossed aluminum nameplate

Safety signs

Pre-painted plate printing

Metallic danger sign

Embossed Aluminum Plate

Embossing on aluminum

Aluminum warning sign with embossing

Sac Marquage has a multidisciplinary team recognized by its performance and its competence which offers you the opportunity to highlight your logo. You can therefore count on our entire team that is committed to perfectly meet your needs and expectations.

Whatever your field of activity or the size of your company, we provide you with a professional signage solution for the exterior or interior. Our solutions are adapted for industry, public sector companies, banks, hotels, advertising…

Do you want to start your project?

Our expert team is committed to providing you with the best custom nameplates. Specialists in the realization of nameplates: Our goal is to highlight your image or your logo. We are specialized in the construction of nameplates in Tunisia.

Being a specialist in the manufacture of nameplate in Tunisia, Sac is committed to create you manfacturer plates and personalized nameplates that answer entirely to your needs. We manufacture personalized plates with different products such as metal as aluminum or stainless steel … etc. and other surfaces such as paper, plastic, textile, texture, wood, Plexiglas …

In a next step, engraving is done on a multitude of materials as well as custom 3D printing. See this Wikipedia article for more information.

Our marking is not limited to plates but also signs, labels, tokens, rulers, stickers, badges, flags, trophies, floor markings, personalized marking for industrial parts…

We also manufacture advertising plates for all companies wishing to increase their visibility

Our safety signage solution is presented by safety signs that comply with international standards.

SAC ” Solution Accommodation Company ” is a Tunisian company leader in Tunisia and abroad in the field of marking and manufacturing of nameplates in Tunisia and manufacturer plates in Business to Business or Business to Customer.

Our company SAC (SOLUTION ACCOMMODATION COMPANY) is the leader on the market of nameplates in Tunisia. Its reputation exceeds the local scale to open to the international dimension.

Our service offer is based on the following three values, a service rendered with a very high quality, adapted and tailored to the precise need of the client and carried out with unparalleled efficiency and respect of the deadline “You Dream It We Make It“.

Our research and development, production and administrative teams have been able to develop over several years a know-how and a rich and diversified offer which covers marking and silk-screening on metals or all other supports, chemical engraving, 2D and 3D printing and the production of nameplates or manufacturer’s plates and tag numbers as well as all bar code or RFID labeling systems.

Our mission

This is because our motto is to satisfy our varied customers by ensuring them innovative and efficient marking services. Moreover, our company realizes high quality nameplates in Tunisia as well as other types of marking, going from printing on metal to chemical engraving through 3D printing.

To serve our customers and enhance its logo and image, we have put at your disposal a multidisciplinary and enthusiastic team to listen to you for the qualification of your needs and the development of a set of solutions tailored to your needs in an efficient and fluid way. We are at your disposal to fully meet your needs until the most complex.

We sell high quality industrial marking machines that guarantee a durable engraving that does not fade over time. Moreover, these machines provide a clean engraving that does not require a special cleaning procedure or the use of solvents.

Our team guarantees intelligent RFID solutions to evolve your business and take advantage of new digital technologies which helps you to be ahead of your competitors. Also we provide RFID system installation equipment such as RFID cards, RFID antennas and readers, tags.

Our company SAC

Installed in Tunisia, specialist in the manufacture of custom-made identification plates such as road signs. We have a highly experienced and competent team that guarantees you the best printing and marking technique to meet your expectations, as well as the technical solutions adapted to your needs.

Our company is known for its premium quality and the specificity of the services we offer to our customers, namely: a marking technique, a finishing, a fixing system and an optimal reliability.

You want to launch your project? Our expert team will meet your needs and offer you the best custom-made nameplates.

Several choices of materials for the plate supports :
Several choices of marking techniques :
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