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Cable tie tag
Chosen in this field as the first factory in Tunisia, we
specialize in the field of cable tag in Tunisia.

Cable marking is a quality seal demanded by customers for the good of modern high-quality equipment.

Sac Marquage provides the ideal possibility of marking wires and cables, for all users and applications. With a range of products such as cable tags, stainless steel tags, number tags… consisting of various formats, made from different materials and complying with standards.

Fields of application of Cable tie tag and Stainless Steel Tag




Cable tie tag: identification cable labels in Tunisia

Cable tags may seem like an unnecessary extra step, but they actually make things easier and save you time!

Taking a few moments to tag your cables helps you get things done faster and more efficiently.

Cable tags neatly organize and identify your cable run, and are especially useful for large diameter cables and wires.

It’s a great option for working in the field, and even for working in a place where your cables might be exposed to the elements.

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cable tag
Laser etching
embossage sur inox repère câble
Embossing on stainless steel
repère câble différent format
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