Stainless steel tag and label


Metal tag : a unique & durable stainless steel label

Metal and stainless steel label production

Our company Sac Marquage produces laser engraved stainless steel labels for any marking or made by a mechanical engraving. For both methods, the painting can be done. Note that the laser engraving gives the plate a better resistance to temperature, but the marking is less visible.

It is also possible to print directly on the labels by screen printing or pad printing (also called tampography) if multiple colors are involved.

Steel plates are more durable and resistant than aluminum and therefore more expensive, and it exists many types of steel plates according to their resistance to corrosion and chemicals. Consult our experienced representatives for recommendations.

Use of industrial metal label and adhesive stickers

These tags are widely used as labels for :

  • The identification of electrical cables
  • The tracking and traceability of products and equipment for all industries, in addition, they can be of different forms as a text, a symbol, number …
  • The asset inventory and stock management by barcode or QR code labels
  • Act as a numeral label
  • Provide instructions, information, warnings, and safety rules
  • Meet standards and ensure compliance with regulations

The advantages of stainless steel label

At SAC Marquage, we use advanced technology to meet the challenge of producing premium quality stainless steel tags.

Our stainless steel labels have many outstanding qualities, including :

  • Excellent resistance
  • High ductility
  • Resistance to stains and chemicals
  • Suitable for extreme temperatures
  • Low maintenance.

A stainless steel label can be embossed or engraved as needed, allowing you to customize each tag to your specific purpose. Our stainless steel tags are of the highest quality, making them extremely durable and versatile.

Our stainless steel labels are available in different shapes, which you can select when choosing your favorite product from the options.

Custom metal label

Personalized labels according to your choice with different rectangular and rounded shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. They can be in the form of a personalized logo, text with lettering, glossy, gold, embossed, recessed, or smooth. They can be attached by screws and rivets, or glued directly on the rear.

Custom metal labels are used in a wide range of products:

Handbags, accessories, clothing, textiles, furniture, furnishings, craft items, etc.

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stainless steel tag cable Tunisia
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Laser-marked stainless steel TAG
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Stainless steel laser-marked tag
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stainless steel label for identification with QR code
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tag number stainless steel with laser marking
Stainless steel with laser marking
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