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The experts of the cable marker in Tunisia

Our company SAC Marquage is specialized in the manufacture of cable markers in Tunisia.

At SAC marquage we provide wire and cable marking solutions for professionals as well as for private individuals and this for all possible applications. Indeed, our range of products is very varied; we propose you tag cables, stainless steel tags, number tags…

We provide ideal markers for each application in Tunisia to improve the visibility of wiring and connection.

The cable markers are manufactured in various formats and from different materials. The cable markers manufactured in our specialized factory comply with the standards.

The identification of cable or cable tag and conductors facilitates the assembly and maintenance of your installations, and helps you not only to eliminate malfunctions but also; save you a lot of time! 

What are the advantages of the cable marker?

1 – Cable markers neatly organize and identify your cable run, and are especially useful for large diameter cables and wires.
2 – These markers are very compact and sophisticated
3 – They are an excellent solution for working in hidden or even exposed areas.

The application domains of cable markers are very varied: electronics and wiring, construction and earthmoving materials or mechanical equipments etc.

cable marker Tunisia
Stainless steel cable tag with laser marking
cable marker in various formats
Stainless steel cable tag with embossing
Blank cable marking for laser engraving
Blank cable marker for laser marking
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