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To meet the needs of the Tunisian industrial and international market, SAC Marquage offers industrial marking solutions which are very important for writing, printing, or marking letters and images on different types of supports and using different marking methods.

We offer professional marking for the manufacture of many types of industrial products, such as:

  • Industrial labels: they can be metallic like industrial identification plates or adhesive, and they are perfectly adapted to the traceability and coding of products. Examples: barcode or QR code inventory management labels and metal fixed asset management labels (fixed asset identification for inventory).
  • Engraved plates on metal surfaces such as stainless steel, aluminum, silver, iron… And plastic surfaces that meet the needs of every industry.

Or by direct marking and coding on industrial goods such as mechanical parts, machines, engines, computer equipment, packaging products, plastic or glass bottles, cans, pharmaceutical products, and medical devices…

What is industrial marking?

It is a technical operation that allows the identification of your products and thus promotes their traceability.


SAC Marquage: Leader in marking in Tunisia

Our factory, considered a major player in its field, is present in the industrial, food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive, logistics, industrial bakery, electronics, postal, paper, tobacco, and many other sectors.

It provides its customers with multiple services by efficiently producing many forms of plates such as manufacturer and identification labels for cars, trucks, vans, trailers and other machines. Tare plates and surface plates for all types of vehicles… VIN plates and surface plates and motorcycle frame plates for scooters, sidecars, and mopeds… Vehicle identification number plate (VIN plates, id plates…) Manufacturer plates and import plates for imported vehicles, boat plates for pleasure boats, antique, copper, aluminum and stainless steel marking services.

Our solutions for industrial marking and coding

Our factory specializes in industrial identification and offers you solutions for industrial marking on all types of surfaces. A serious and experienced team guarantees the efficiency of the realization of these tasks.

We develop, design, and distribute machines for industrial identification of products, cartons, or pallets.

We develop integrated solutions that meet your needs and are ideal for both mass production and small quantities.

Furthermore, we simplify your use thanks to our ergonomic coding software.

Note that we offer fast and high-quality services throughout Tunisia and Africa.

electrical wiring diagram plate
Aluminium PCB Printed Circuit Board
machine industrial marking
Straightforward marking on machines
industrial identification
Industrial identification
industrial marking for envelopes
Industrial coding on paper and cardboard packaging and envelopes
stainless steel nameplates laser-marked
Stainless steel plate with laser marking
PVC tag with marking
PVC tag with marking
Marked PVC plate
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