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Specialist in 3D printing, SAC marking is a Tunisian company that has commanded the field of manufacturer plates in Tunisia for a century, this Tunisian company, leader in this market, guarantees its customers several high-quality services to satisfy them and meet their needs and expectations.

3D printing services

Our company allows the production of a real object from a 3D file. The 3D file obtained is sent to a specific and very sophisticated printer that cuts it into slices and deposits or solidifies the material layer by layer to obtain the final part; indeed, the stacking of these layers creates a volume.

SAC MARQUAGE has a set of machines that allows the manufacture of objects in industrial plastic “ABS” or in biological plastic. Other machines will be imported for the manufacture of objects by other materials.

3D printing realization

Do you have a prototype in mind and you dream of making it a reality? Do you hesitate to invest in a 3D printer, and you don’t even know which one to choose?

Thanks to its high-tech 3D printers, SAC Marquage offers you 3D printing services to create all types of objects that you mentally visualize from the prototype to the final product.

3D printing is an ideal choice for companies. First, its cost is relatively low, especially for small series. Speaking of additive manufacturing (the other name for 3D printing), we can’t omit its speed of prototyping which allows companies to produce several concepts in record time which accelerates the marketing of innovative products.  Another strong point of 3D printing is the freedom of design. All you have to do is provide a computer file representing the product to be manufactured, in most cases an STL format file used in conjunction with a 3D slicer software. The 3D printer will manufacture any complicated shape.

3D printing techniques

3D impression techniques vary based on the raw material you use.

A plastic or alumid based material

When you are going to work with plastic or Alumide, the appropriate techniques are :

  • The technique of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

This technique is the most common and affordable due to the wide availability of this type of 3D printer. It is a method that consists of adding the molten raw material through a nozzle and then printing the 3D product in cross-sections layer by layer.

  • The SLS technique is called Selective laser sintering.

This technique forms the product by adding successive layers of molten powder.

A resin based material

If you are going to manufacture a resin-based product, photopolymerization technology is necessary. This procedure consists in solidifying the photosensitive resins through UV light. We will find this process in several 3D impression techniques, such as:

  • Stereo lithography technique (SLA)
  • Digital Light Processing (DLP)
  • Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP).

A metal-based material

If your base material is metal, you can use two techniques

  • The combination of Digital Light Processing with the lost wax casting process allows you to 3D print silver and copper.
  • Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is a technique identical to SLS. The only difference is the use of metals as base material.

How does a 3D printer work?

The principle of operation of a 3D printer is the additive manufacturing process. That is, the accumulation of layers of materials used to create a product according to the data in a computer file. The steps involved in the operation of a 3D printer can change depending on the type of 3D printer used. As discussed in 3D printing techniques, the process of operating a 3D printer could begin with deposition, sintering, or solidification depending on the raw material.

To proceed with 3D printing, you would need:

  • A 3D printer
  • some raw materials
  • a computer file containing the model of your product (STL or OBJ format)
  • a slicer software for 3D printing
  • a computer.

The evolution of 3D printing

In this technological age where everything is evolving phenomenally, 3D printing is certainly no exception. Over the years, we have witnessed an impressive evolution in the 3D printing field. Not only has it improved the quality, finesse, colors, and speed of its creations, but it has expanded the selection of base materials used and its scope amazingly. Indeed, let’s take a look at its contribution to the building sector, thanks to the 3D printing technique called “contour crafting” houses have been built in just 24 hours. 3D printing has also made wonders in the medical sector, through its important role in the manufacture of implants, prostheses, and also the manufacture of vital organs. We are talking about the BioPrinting technique. 3D printing has also revolutionized the food industry by reproducing certain dishes only from liquid and semi-liquid ingredients. And this is only the beginning of the 3D printer, which will continue to surprise us.

A professional team

We count on serious, motivated, and qualified teams to guarantee the best quality of printing with a high speed of execution. We do not conceal that this field has not been existing for a long time, so it is not easy to find experts in 3D printing. That’s why we put a lot of effort into training our employees to have efficient and fast printing.

Cheap price

The speed of printing and the distinction of the quality of service are accompanied by SAC Marquage unbeatable rates within the reach of all our customers: individuals or companies. We offer reasonable rates that are within everyone’s reach. Our rates are unbeatable in the tagging, marking, and printing market. Discover our other printing techniques, metal printing, and screen printing
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