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Sac marquage has an industrial screen printing workshop supervised by marking and printing professionals. Our strength lies in our ability to create, listen and realize. Thus, our expertise allows us to guide you perfectly in your choices. Then, your request will be realized with care in a short time on different materials.

Sac Marquage does custom screen printing. Our printing services include a simulated color process, Pantone Matching System PMS , spot colors and much more! We offer screen printing on almost any wearable or portable product and fabric content. From polyester to cotton, leather, concrete and everything in between, we can transfer your logo or design directly onto the product for a print that will last longer than the product itself.

We use a combination of manual and automatic screen printing presses to find the best option for your specific project. We also offer custom artwork services with your order. Let us be your full-service supplier! Custom screen printing is our specialty!

Our expertise is perfectly suited for industrial products and graphic screen printing for applications such as advertising.

Field of application and use

Our manufacturing capabilities apply to :

  • Metal such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass for signs and plates, advertising, electronics…
  • Plastic like Vinyl, PVC, ABS, Plexiglas for trophies, display, badges…
  • Textile (cotton, nylon…)
  • Paper for stickers, cardboard…
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • ceramic
  • Alucobon

Advantages of screen printing

The main advantage of silk-screen printing is the unique visual result it creates. The inks used are very durable, the colors are extremely vivid, especially for outdoor use, making it a unique reproduction technique.

The fact that we can print on a wide variety of materials and objects, and that we can choose from a plethora of special inks, are all factors that have contributed to making silkscreen printing the optimal method for creating products with special characteristics.

It is a very flexible printing technology, with no limitations on the thickness and nature of the material on which the silkscreen printing will be carried out, and without a doubt, for a specific production quantity, it continues to be the most efficient and economical printing.


Silkscreen printing in Tunisia: A personalized follow-up

We understand that the custom items we produce for you are a reflection of your company or event, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We are passionate about our productions using premium raw materials for all silkscreen printing.

Do you have a project? You can count on Sac Marquage to provide you with the best custom-made nameplates thanks to its expertise.

screen printing
Brass plate with engraving and enameling
metal engraving with screen printing Tunisia
Stainless steel plate with silkscreen printing
custom stainless steel nameplate
Stainless steel with 2 color silkscreen printing and laser marking
anodized aluminum nameplate
Anodized aluminum with serigraphy
nameplate anodized aluminum
Advertising plate with silkscreen printing
silk-screened builder's plate
Manufacturer's plate with serigraphy
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