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Being a specialist in the techniques of embossing and stamping, SAC Marquage offers you impeccable marking solutions in Tunisia used on different metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, or metal sheets.

The embossing on deformable material is an excellent opportunity for your company to give some volume to all your plates and thus allow you to stand out from the competition.

The technique of embossing is a process of creating a raised-up pattern on the surface of the material, unlike debossing also known in the professional world by the term stamping, which is performed using a press that indents the desired pattern inside the material via a steel stamp that contains the footprint. Both methods contribute to more qualitative and effective communication. They allow you to give a tactile experience that marks the minds of your customers uniquely and for a long time. They are also very durable and can withstand harsh environments like wind, hot temperature

embossed nameplates can be customized with:

  • type of material: the embossed material can be aluminum, stainless steel, brass
  • color of material: the anodized aluminum can come in a variety of colors and a special dye can paint the steel
  • custom steel stamp or steel embossing die which is manufactured for each customer 

Our qualified technicians are ready to manufacture all your plates with reliefs. Indeed, these reliefs can be text, numbers, your logo, or advertising graphics of your brand.

The technique

The embossing technique is a mechanical process carried out either hot or cold, which consists of creating a relief pattern on the surface of the material, which is generally a thin sheet of flat metal, This is in contrast to industrial stamping, in which the shape is formed by hot forging using a press that deforms the material through a die holding the desired pattern to make an imprint, and die-forging (a forging process on heated metal parts).

Together, these methods contribute to more qualitative and effective messaging. They provide a unique tactile and visual impact that will stay with your customers for a long time to come. The plates obtained with these methods are also highly durable and can withstand harsh environments such as wind, high temperatures, etc.

aluminum embossing
Danger plate
embossage et emboutissage
Embossed Advertising plate
embossing on stainless steel cable marker
Embossed stainless steel cable marker
metal stamping and embossing
Embossed and painted Danger plate
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