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Our company Sac offers you the opportunity to have your specific marking thanks to its performance, its high quality and its speed. This marking can be adapted to different industrial environments. Our team is committed to manufacturing automated markings that save you time and money and help you reduce energy consumption.

High-quality laser engraving

The experience we have acquired over the years has given us the opportunity to design and develop complete marking solutions for several industrial applications. This justifies the presence of our versatile marking machines in several large companies in different sectors such as: energy, aerospace and oil.

Customized laser engraving solutions

If you wish to carry out your personalized marking project, we will take care of it while guaranteeing you an excellent result that corresponds perfectly to your needs. Indeed, thanks to our experience, our team realizes a unique product no matter how complex the personalization is.

Read how this technique works in practice

Advantages of laser marking :

It offers a number of virtues such as:

  • The procedure is direct and does not require a model
  • the engraving is done on most materials (metals like aluminum, gold, silver, stainless steel and plastic, wood, glass, leather……)
  • It is possible that the marking is carried out on parts with complex forms
  • High precision engraving, offering a detailed and small format marking.
  • Laser engraving is resistant to all thermal, mechanical, and chemical aggression…
  • More advantages

Example of applications

  • Mechanical parts: bearings, gears, motors, etc.
  • Electronics and electrical components: printed circuit, capacitor, resistor, etc.
  • Signage and identification: sign, nameplate, label, etc.
  • Accessories and jewelry: watch, bracelet, etc.
  • Industrial piping
  • Automotive parts 
  • Hardware tools
  • Handicraft

Do you have a project? Our high-quality team is committed to providing you with high-quality customized nameplates.

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Gravure sur acier dur ou acier traité
Engraving on hard steel or heat treated steel
marquage sur bouchon plastique
Marking on plastic bottle cap
marquage et gravure laser
Laser marking and engraving
Identification des produits spécifiques
Identification of specific products
étiquette plastique pour identification
Plastic tag for identification
gravure laser
Laser machine head
gravure laser électrode graphite
Laser engraving of graphite electrode
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