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Sac Marquage provides a metal printing service to the industry sectors, we dedicate ourselves to the meticulous task of printing, and we specialize to offer our customers a professional and personalized service. In conjunction with our team, we put this technology at your disposal to bring added value to the products we manufacture for our customers, being the answer to a commercial need that has not been sufficiently taken into account.

We work in large, medium, and small series to produce unique pieces and premium quality, adapting to the needs of our customers.

Why choose us for printing on metal?

We are an experienced company focused on producing the highest quality printed metal plates available on the market. We understand that our customers have very strict criteria on how the printing is produced. SAC Marquage is :



With the necessary installations to provide first article inspection reports for metal plates, we have a chain of the most advanced precision measuring and inspection machines to perform the impression.

Ultimate sustainability

Using the latest digital inks, the printed image is absorbed into the pores of the aluminum, which is then sealed to provide a wear-resistant finish. Once sealed, the plate offers improved resistance to wear, scratches, and chemicals.

The process of printing can be achieved by industrial inks, hot stamping, Industrial Stencil

Metal printing: material options

Printing can be done on almost all ferrous metals such as steel and its alloys and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and copper and its alloys.

We are committed to providing our customers with innovative and valuable products. We offer not only impression services but also metal engraving and screen printing for metal nameplates.

At SAC Marquage, we can assure you that we stand out as a company that centralizes its services because we have a wide range of machinery that allows us to carry out the entire work process, avoiding unnecessary delays and ensuring its quality. We are not only dedicated to metal printing, but we also offer other services like silk-screen printing, engraving on all types of metal, 3D printing, and the possibility of creating cable tagscustom nameplates, and many other products.

aluminium nameplate
Aluminum plate with silk-screen printing
stainless steel badge
Stainless steel badge with engraving and enameling
nameplate Laser marking
Stainless steel plate with laser marking
nameplate anodized aluminum
Aluminum plate with silk-screen printing
custom stainless steel nameplate
Printed and engraved nameplate
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